Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My End Grain Cutting Boards

I know there have been tons of the pictures and articles about the end grain cutting boards. I started searching the internet to look for how to make one and that lead me to Marc Spagnuolo’s great website of The Wood Whisperer. Most of the articles ended uplinking to his article, which is here. Once here I saw his video on the end grain cutting board and followed it. I ended up making three of them. Two as Mother’s day presents (my Mom and my wife’s Mom) and then one for my wife. Unfortunately, the one for my wife did not get fully finished for about 6 months after the others, but that is a different story.

With so much plans and how-to-sites out there, I will just really show the final pictures. With three of them, I had a few scraps around and glued them together for a small cutting board. This one was made to be a bread type of board.

Attached are some pictures of the one I made with purple heart and hard maple.  

The Cutting Board

Different View
Bread Board Made from Scraps
Lilly Supervising the planing of the wood


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