Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Router Push Block

While working on a project, I needed to run a strip through the router table in order to make a T-track for my drill press table.  The strip of plywood that needed to be run across the router table was going to put my fingers too close to the router bit.  I had been wanting to make a router push block for quite a while, so here was the excuse I needed to make it.  

Below is the final picture of the push stick, which was based off many other ones out there on the web.  

My Router Push Stick

I made it by first starting with some scrap plywood.  I ripped a section of it off on the table saw in order to make the catch for the wood.  I then drilled and counter-sunk the holes in the plywood.  I had a scrap large dowel rod left over from a different project.  I drilled holes in this to become the handles.  Below is another picture of the push stick ready to push the plywood through the router table.  

Ready to be Put to Use

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