Monday, September 3, 2012

Shop-Vac Stand with Cyclone Filter

So this one got a bit out of hand.

I wanted something that would make my Shop-Vac a bit more powerful and better.  Somewhere I had read that the average hobby woodworker, like myself, can breath in more dust in a day than a professional with full filtration and dust systems breaths in a year.  I could not afford a large dust collector, so I wanted to improve my current Shop-Vac.

So here it is.  The stand has the Shop-Vac on the bottom. The next level has a 5-gallon bucket with the cyclone attached.  The cyclone is from Oneida and the one that I purchased is the Dust Deputy with the make it yourself.  We use a lot of 5-gallon buckets from work, so I got two that were headed to the trash.  I cut one about 6" tall and bolted it to the middle tray to hold the top bucket & cyclone.  What was also really nice was the power cord & outlet.  I cut the end of extension cord about a foot out and wired up the box (12 gauge wires to fully handle the Shop-Vac and other small power tools).  The light switch controls the end of the plug, which makes it easy to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off.

Also included is another side view with a hook for the vacuum hoses.  The cart is on some casters so its easy to follow me around to the dust source

Also, yes I purposely put the outlet in that way, which many consider upside down.  I consider it much safer.  Why?  Well image that something is plugged in with a ground wire (i.e. 3 prong cord).  Now image that it comes a bit loose and is 1/8" of the the way out and a nail, wire, paper clip, etc. falls into it.  The first thing it would touch would be the ground, potentially preventing a short.  I have a wire fall onto a loose plug with the ground wire down.  It sure created a large spark and made me a believer in the ground up orientation of outlets.


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